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GTM Fire is leading for Fire Extinguisher manufacturers in Shillong last two decades. A fire extinguisher is active protection device to control fire at small places. It is 1st emergency device to protect small fire in home, office and small areas. It is not used in out of control fire like ceiling and many more places. Generally a fire extinguisher a hand held pressure vessel containing a fire agent that can be used to control fire. Fire extinguisher in Shillong is available any safety and security equipments shop at best price. GTM Fire is manufacturer of two type of fire extinguisher in Shillong like as stored pressure and cartridge operated. We used various type of agent in fire extinguisher like in dry chemical extinguisher typically nitrogen used and water and foam fire extinguisher typically use air. Fire is divide in various class and according the type of fire and hazard, fire specialist use fire agents and fire extinguisher. 
GTM Fire Security Solution is provide basic 5 classes of fires like Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D and Class K. 
Class A  - Class A Fire is fire in ordinary combustible items like wood, cloths, paper, plastic and rubber. 
Class B – Class B Fire is fire in flammable liquids such as gasoline, petroleum greases,  tars, oils, oil based paints, solvent, alcohols. Class B Fire includes like flammable gases like propane and butane. Class B Fires do not includes fires involving cooking oil and grease. 
Class C – Class C Fire is involving fire of electrical equipments such as computer equipments, server,  motors, transformer and application. 
Class D – Class D fire is combustible metals such as magnesium, titanium, zirconium, sodium, lithium, and potassium. 
Class K – Class K Fire are fires of cooking oil and grease such as animal and vegetable oils. 
Some type of fire extinguisher user is more than one class but others have warning where it could be dangers for the operators to use particular fire extinguisher agents.  
 GTM Fire is fire extinguisher dealer in Shillong and providing fire extinguisher as  Dealer to car and home, hospitals, schools, offices, Data Centers, Residential Societies,  Hotels and restaurant, Electrical room and factories. GTM Fire is providing fire extinguisher price in Shillong at low rate. 
GTM Fire Security is fire extinguisher suppliers in Shillong of various types of fire extinguisher such as Water and Foam fire extinguisher, Carbon di oxide (Co2) fire extinguisher, Dry chemical fire extinguisher, Wet Chemical fire extinguisher, Clean Agent fire extinguisher, Dry Power fire extinguisher, Water mist fire extinguisher and Cartridge Operated dry chemical. GTM Fire is also suppliers of various type of fire extinguisher such as Aerosol fire extinguisher, AFFF Fire extinguisher, Andex fire extinguisher, BC Fire extinguisher, Co2 Fire extinguisher, Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher,  Car fire extinguisher, DCP Fire extinguisher, FM 200 Fire extinguisher, Foam fire extinguisher, metal fire extinguisher, Minimax fire extinguisher, Modular fire extinguisher, Safex fire extinguisher, home fire extinguisher, Zenith fire extinguisher, Safex fire extinguisher and more. We are also providing fire extinguisher accessories like as Fire extinguisher trolly, stand, ball, nozzles, valve and more. We are also providing fire extinguisher from our online store in Shillong. 
As we known that we have various type of fire extinguisher to protect of various type of fires. We use water, water mist, water spray, foam, dry powder and Wet chemical Fire extinguisher to control fire of Class A. Water mist, foam, dry powder, Co2 and some wet chemical fire extinguishers used to control the fires of class B Fire. Water mist and dry powder fire extinguisher to control the fire Class C Category. Specialist Dry chemical fire extinguisher use to control the fire of Class D Category fire. Water mist, co2 and foam fire extinguisher use to control the of electrical.